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Encourages Students To

Clue Into Your World!

“A guaranteed way to encourage your students

to read all kinds of books and learn more about geography!



If you are interested in an easy and effective way to challenge your students to use the school library more often, and to read more books for pleasure and learning, then this is going to be one of the most exciting letters you’ll read this year!


Here’s why:


I have an amazing program called Clue Into Your World. My name is Scott Obermann, and I’m an Educational Entertainer who presents highly entertaining and very educational programs to schools, and public libraries. Here’s what one of my clients wrote:


“One of the Best”

“As a 15 year administrator, I would rank Scott as one of the best. People of all ages will enjoy the ‘gift of amazing talent’ that he brings. You will NOT be disappointed.”

Bruce Regan, Country Christian School (Nashotah)



How do I get amazing results like that? I use fun-filled magic, puppetry, ventriloquism, storytelling, music and audience participation to get your students’ attention, and to challenge them to actually want to start borrowing more library books that very day!


The assembly is incredible. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in this program:



·   Uses a subject that kids find irresistible – Mystery and clue seeking!


·   In this Reading and Geography Program, we go on a journey around the world in search of my missing magic tricks.


·   We learn about world geography as we follow the clues!


·   Kids “meet” and learn about Abraham Lincoln in a fun and memorable way!


·   Plenty of audience interaction.


·   Gets your students excited about all the things they can learn in the library!


·   Integrates Geography and Reading with daily life!


·   Increases circulation of library books as kids are motivated to read more!


·   We have an hilarious meeting with Chauncy my sheepdog (ventriloquism puppet)!


·   And much, much more!


      Sounds good, don’t you agree? But don’t take my word for it. Here are more testimonials:




"We really appreciate how you integrated the use of libraries and books into the program. So many performers say they have a program that features libraries...when what they really mean is they slipped a few words into a standardized program. You made libraries, books and research the central feature of your presentation. Fantastic! "

Michelle Dennis, Clinton Public Library



“Great Learning Experience”

“I thought you did a great job, especially the way you incorporated "nuggets" of learning, while keeping them engaged in what you were doing”

Karen Christianson, Lowell Public Library



“Positive Show”

“There were MANY positive comments after the show. Kids told me they had a good time, and parents said they thought it was great”

Ann Piehl, Whitefish Bay Library



5 More Reasons Why You Should Bring the

Clue Into Your World Reading and Geography Program

To Your Students



1.   Smiles and Laughter. You’ll see the smiles on your students’ faces and hear their
laughter as they learn how exciting it is to read all kinds of library books.


2.   Amazing Magic. Your students will be astounded at the fun-filled and amazing magic. They’ll remember the message better because of the magic.


3.   Analytical Skills Are Challenged. During the show, the kids will have to ‘put the pieces’ together and remember things from earlier in the program to solve the mystery!


4.   Clean Comedy. The comedy in the show is guaranteed to be clean and age appropriate.


5.   Self-Contained Program. The program is entirely self-contained. I bring everything
I need for the show.


“Works With Children At Their Level!”

We ... really enjoyed your performance. You worked with the children at their level and provided material which was interesting and fun for them, along with having a message. They were in awe of your magic and were engaged the entire time. That doesn't always happen when we have performers working with our 320 three, four and five year old students. We'll definitely plan on having you back! Thank you so much!

Ms. Stuppan, Starms Early Childhood Center (Milwaukee Public School)



“Easy to Work With”

"...people were praising you as they left. They thought it was a humorous program, and that you worked well with the children . . . Also, you are easy to work with. You’re friendly and personable, yet professional. It’s a nice combination."
Sara Soukup, Lake Geneva Public Library


You’ve read details about the program content. You’ve read how I deliver the message to your students. You’ve seen several testimonials from your fellow educators. If you’ve read all the testimonials I’ve given you, you know that you don’t have anything to worry about. You won’t be disappointed.

The point is you will be thrilled with the program – guaranteed.




"Adults loved it, middle schoolers could not stay blase, elementary schoolers were enthralled, even the 4 year olds could tell their mothers about it afterwards.”Michelle Dennis , Clinton Public Library



Let’s recap, with the Clue Into Your World Reading and Geography Program, your K-5th grade students are guaranteed to be encouraged and motivated to read more books, and to do more research in the library. The program will be fun and include magic, ventriloquism, comedy, and audience participation.




Call us to book a program.





Scott Obermann

Educational Entertainer

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