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Guide to Children’s Literature Resources Inside, you’ll find 40 individual resources for kids, teachers and parents, including websites that offer texts to read online and literature-themed games; resources for teaching literature to kids; and resources that help guide parents as they work to foster a love of reading in their children.

Math Resources For Teachers Worksheets for Students, Ready-to-use Resources for Teaching, Free Computer Software, Resources to Help You Prepare Your Own Teaching Materials, Worksheets Designed by Teachers During My Workshops

Librarian links Books and reviews, censorship, Citing Web resources, Copyright and fair use, General Library links.

School Librarian Journal The worlds largest reviewer of books, miltimedia and technology for children.

Geography Songs Music for teaching U.S. and world geography.

Pro Teacher Forum - Geography An online forum for elementary teachers that presents ideas ro teaching geography in all its elements.

Geography Lesson Plans and Resources Resources/Collections of Geography Lessons, The Five Themes of Geography, Geographic Features/Landforms/Biomes, Maps, Geography WebQuests, Oceans, Continents/World, Africa, Specific African Countries, Middle East, Asia, Specific Asian Countries, Oceania/Pacific Rim, Australia/NZ, Europe, Specific European Countries, Polar Regions, Latin America (Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean Nations), Canada, US States and Regions, Return to Educational Resources and Lesson Plans, Go to the NCSS National Standards for Social Studies

Good Character.com Teaching Guides(for elementary school) Discussion Questions, Writing Assignments, and Student Activities for Character Education and Life Skills.

Life skills for kids - character Award Winning Life Skills Lesson Collection helps children achieve their personal best in life. Our Life Skills training and Character Education components promote self-responsibility and motivate children to maintain positive relationships and respect for others.

K-6 Teaching Resources Interesting and creative ways to teach fundamental concepts.

Piano Lessons in Franklin and Greendale Wisconsin Ron Kaspar has more that 25 years of piano experience. Call him first for VERY reasonable rates. Lessons in your home or his.



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